There are literally thousands of different types of toilet suites available these days, allowing you to play your own style of Game Of Thrones and choose the precise porcelain potty for the time you spend sitting on the throne. But how do you know which toilet is right for you and your home?

Around the world you will find a whole host of varying types of toilets. For example, if you’ve ever travelled to the Indian subcontinent you may have seen squatting pans or Anglo-Indian type toilets but we’re going to concentrate on typical European arrangements – the kins you would find in yours or your neighbours house.

Game of Thrones – The right choice for your toilet

  • High Level Toilets
    • We’ve all heard the expression ‘Pull the chain’ in reference to to flushing the loo but do you know where the expression comes from? The first plumbed toilets were high level toilets, which used to have a cistern fitted high to the wall with the pan below them. In order to flush a high level toilet you would pull a chain or a cord hanging down from the cistern. Hence the expression. These days more and more people are opting for a traditional feel in the bathroom and an ornate high level toilet is the ideal way to give your bathroom that classic style.
  • Low Level Toilets
    • As water pressure in the home improved over the years, the need to elevate the toilet cistern was eliminated, allowing for the introduction of the low level toilet. These loos have a similar design and arrangement to high level toilets, just without the need to have the cistern six feet in the air, which also lead to pull chans being removed and the introduction of flush levers. Once again – just like high level toilets – low level toilets add a traditional feel to your bathroom installation.
  • Close Coupled Toilets
    • As toilets became more modernised, there was the introduction of the close coupled toilet. A close coupled toilet still features separate cisterns and pans, however, they are joined together to hide unsightly pipework. These are the most commonly found toilets in UK homes these days and they come in a variety of styles, colours and seating heights, allowing the freedom to tick the potty that best suits your home.
  • Corner Toilets
    • If you have a smaller bathroom or a cloakroom that you would like a new toilet for, a corner toilet may be just what you’re looking for. As the name suggests, these space-saving loos sit at a forty-five degree angle to your walls, allowing the toilet to nestle neatly into the corner of your room and thus saving space.
  • Wall Hung Toilets
    • If you really want to hide as much of your toilet as possible, while bringing a modern, designer feel to your bathroom, wall hung toilets are for you. With a wall hung toilet the pan is fitted directly to the wall, appearing to float in position, with no cistern to be seen.  The cistern is concealed in the wall behind the floating pan, meaning that there are no unsightly pipes to be seem anywhere. As well as bringing a designer feel to your bathroom, wall hung toilets also allow for much easier cleaning due to their minimalistic design.