The history of bathing dates back as far as 3300 but over the following four or five thousand years things have changed quite a lot – most notably the introduction of baths in the home. Over the years the humble bathtub has seen many changes, including the demise of freestanding baths during the second half of the twentieth century. However, after being pushed into obscurity by the sleek designs and the convenience of integrated or fitted baths, the freestanding tub is making a comeback!

In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of both traditional and modern styled freestanding baths, which is fantastic news for fans of these decorative bathroom features. In years gone by, it would have been unthinkable to ask your bathroom designer or installer if they could do away with the fitted bath solution and instead accommodate for a freestanding bathtub. But right now that is exactly what fitted bathroom customers are asking for…freestanding tubs!

Which Type Of Freestanding Baths Are Right For You?

Traditional or Modern?

Broadly speaking there are two types of freestanding baths – traditional and modern. Each have their own merits and each has its place.

Traditional freestanding baths are the classic clawfoot tubs such as roll tops and slipper baths. These freestanding baths generally stand on four feet to elevate them from the floor and they are usually very rounded and ornate in appearance. The slipper freestanding bath is possibly the most famous of all traditional tubs. This timeless design features a raised, angled end that allows the bather to comfortably recline into the water. Traditional freestanding bath tubs will suit period properties or bathrooms that have been designed using a classic theme.

Modern freestanding baths also come in a variety of designs. In fact, there are even more styles and designs to choose from when selecting a modern freestanding bath for your home. The world really is your oyster. There are freestanding baths that are shaped like teardrops or pears, others that have vertical sides, tubs for two, baths with seats designed into them…the list is endless. If your bathroom has a modern theme or style, there is certainly going to be a freestanding bath to match.

What About the Shower For Your Freestanding Baths?

Just because you don’t have a fitted bath tub, this doesn’t mean that you can’t integrate a shower to work with your freestanding bath. There are some practical and decorative ways to add a shower to your freestanding bath. Shower curtains are an obvious way forward if you have a traditionally designed and crafted freestanding bath, while modern baths can integrate glass screens to allow for a shower. Another shower solution for freestanding baths that is gaining in popularity is to have a wet room arrangement with a freestanding bath taking pride of place. This often does away with the need for shower screens or curtains.

No matter what kind of bathroom you have, there is a freestanding bath for you. Sometimes you just have to step away from the norm and think a little differently.