If you’ve had a new fitted bathroom installed then you’re going to want to keep it looking as new as possible – for as long as possible! We’re often asked for advice on caring for your bath when it comes to cleaning and maintenance and so we have some top tips to keep your new fitted bathroom in tip top condition.

The bath is the biggest part of your new bathroom, and the one that requires the most care when cleaning and after use. Hopefully our advice about caring for your bath will help you keep your bathtub looking fresh and new for years to come!

Caring For Your Bath, Our Handy Guide!

  1. Cleaning should be done immediately after you have bathed. Doing this while the bath is still warm, means less elbow grease and makes the dirt easier to cut through.
  2. Use warm soapy water to clean the bath with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. If you prefer then most off the shelf bathroom cleaners are suitable for cleaning your bathtub, but make sure you get one without ammonia or bleach, and be aware that cream cleaners aren’t suitable for all surfaces.
  3. if you’d rather be more careful and green friendly with your clean, mixing up your own cleaning solution with equal parts while vinegar and water makes a great cleaner for your fitted bathroom and leaves everything fresh and smear free too!
  4. When you have finished cleaning it’s important to rinse your whole bathtub with clean, fresh water.
  5. If you live in a hard water area then it’s possible that calcium deposits may form and dealing with these before they take hold is important as they are insoluble. You can avoid this by ensuring you clean and wipe down the bathtub and taps every time you use it. You can get limescale removers if needed, but make sure these aren’t too harsh, but half a lemon on the tap overnight is a great way to remove these stubborn annoyances.
  6. Beware with hot items, cups, cigarettes etc and be sure not to leave these resting on the side of the bathtub at any time.
  7. Be aware that strong dyes in shampoos and oils, hair dyes, fake tans and some bathing products can stain your bathtub so wiping these up straight away is important.
  8. Many beauty products contain chemicals and you will want to protect your bath from things such as the acetone in nail varnish remover.

The general rule is definitely to clean spills and messes up as soon as they appear and this should ensure that your brand new fitted bathroom is just for years and years to come! Much of it is common sense and just a case of being careful with abrasive products and chemicals, and just keeping your new fitted bathroom as clean and tidy as possible.