Is your bathroom looking a bit tired and old? New bathrooms are a dream, but having a brand new fitted bathroom isn’t for everyone, we all have to work within our budget but that’s doesn’t mean this advice isn’t for you because whether you’re fitting a brand new bathroom, or just renovating an existing room we can help you create a 21st century bathroom!

Although it may seem daunting, bringing your bathroom bang up to date is actually pretty easy, it can only be a case of just picking off a few key areas to update. Here’s our advice, on both ends of the budget spectrum of how you can bring your bathroom into the new century.

21st Century Bathrooms – Ideas For Inspiration

The Shower

  • Not only do old showers look bad and grubby, but often you can barely get a trickle of water out either. Whether it’s an old plumbing system or a limescaled shower head, updating the shower is the perfect way to spruce up your room.
    • High End Option – Talk to our team about fitting a brand new shower! We can improve the water pressure, add some funky modern tiles, fit a modern shower and bring your bathroom bang up to date!
    • Budget Option – Think about changing the shower head, repointing the tiles and adding a new screen or curtain to freshen up the shower area.

The Theme

  • If your bathroom is ten to twenty years old then your theme may well be out of date! Whether you have a dated dolphin bathroom, or your stuck in seventies avocado hell, you can brighten it up and bring the room up to date.
    • High End Option – If you’re stuck with an avocado suite then you may well be thinking about fitting a whole new bathroom. There are some really modern options out there now and our team can help you whether you want classic or futuristic for your new fitted bathroom.
    • Budget Option – If you can’t replace the suite, make it work. Choose a clashing colour and it’ll bring the room bang up to date! You can be as weird or as hideous as you like and as long as you do it with conviction, you’re just a trendsetter!

The Floor

  • Bathroom flooring has gone through many trends, and depending on the age of your bathroom, you’re likely stuck with lino, or worse, carpet! Don’t worry because the bathroom is often a small area, which means a new floor can cost less than you think!
    • High End Option – Tiles work particularly well in modern bathrooms, but if you want a whole new floor, whatever that is then we can help ensure it’s done professionally and it’s good for years to come!
    • Budget Option – Quite often a good clean can make all the difference, and new bathroom rugs or even painted floorboards can really brighten up a tired bathroom.

And then all that’s left to do is accessorise and add the finishing touches to your new, modern bathroom!