If you’re thinking of a new fitted kitchen then you’re probably aware of what a big job you are taking on. A new fitted kitchen will be an exciting addition to your home, adding value and practicality, but there are also lots of things to think about and lots of decisions to make before you start. Lack of knowledge, imagination and skills can lead to common kitchen design mistakes, mistakes you may not notice until you come to use your new fitted kitchen.

We’re here to make sure we can help ensure you get the perfect design for your new fitted kitchen so here are some common kitchen design mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Staying with the Status Quo

A lack of imagination, or skills, may leave you designing your new kitchen the same way as your old one with everything in the same place. Now if your old kitchen is perfect and everything is in the right place but it just needs updating, then this is fine but that’s very unlikely. Write a list, decide which parts of your current kitchen work best, which parts don’t work well at all, and how you can improve the room with a new design. Always wanted the sink under the window so you can look out at the bird feeder? Now is the time to do that!

Scrimping on the Extras!

You might be tempted to budget and save money on extra storage features and tools to help with kitchen efficiency but down the road when you’re using your kitchen you’ll wish you’d splashed out! At the same time, you don’t want to be stuck with features you won’t use, so have a good think about how you use the room and what facilities you might like in there to perfect it for your use!

Remembering your Workflow

Workflow is the way you use your kitchen and work from appliance to appliance. For instance, no one wants the cooker to be 12 feet away from the sink, and you’ll want to ensure you have the perfect space for your workflow. However big your kitchen, think about how you move from counter to cooker to sink and ensure your new fitted kitchen flows perfectly for your needs.

Forgetting the Big Picture

While it’s easy to concentrate on the tiny details of your new room, you shouldn’t forget the big picture too! This is your kitchen and you want function over design, or both if you can. Think about how things work together and the overall design and make lots of decisions about your theme before you get started!

Going it Alone

A new fitted kitchen can be a big outlay, but don’t be tempted to go it alone unless you’re qualified. Our team of kitchen fitters is trained and professional and we can give you the best finish. If you want a professional looking kitchen, then make sure you have a professional team. With plumbing and other technical aspects to think about, this is one job to leave to the professionals.