So you’ve decided on the fittings for your new fitted bathroom, and now all there is left to do is to make a decision when choosing bathroom tiles. Easy right? Well no not exactly. The choice of tiles is so wide these days, and you really need to make sure that the tiles you choose are going to make your fitted bathroom everything that you dreamed it would be.

Where to start when choosing bathroom tiles?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Our fitted bathroom packages come with a huge range of tiles to choose from, in all sizes and colours. When we come out and see you to measure up and give you a quote for your fitted bathroom, we will discuss your ideas for colour schemes with you so that we already have a good idea about the kind of colours and styles that you have in mind. Remember we have been providing fitted bathrooms for almost 10 years now, so we will have some good ideas to recommend to you as well.

When choosing bathroom tiles, it is always advisable to think about the type of material that the tiles are made of, as well as what they look like. Porcelain tiles weigh much more than ceramic and this can mean extra preparatory work before the tiles are fixed to the wall. Our fitted bathroom packages include a wide variety of ceramic wall and floor tiles.

Tiles come in all different sizes. Large tiles look great if you are going for a fully tiled fitted bathroom and give a feeling of more space. Smaller tiles look great if you are going for a minimalist look. Mosaic tiles can be used as features such as behind a shower or over a bath, and they will really give your new fitted bathroom that wow factor that you have been looking for.

When choosing bathroom tiles, its important to remember that colour is key! Pick the right colour and your fitted bathroom will never date, even in years to come.

Beiges, sandstones, greys, whites and all neutral colours will give your new fitted bathroom a relaxed modern look that will coordinate with the colours that you decide to introduce with your accessories such as towels. Bright and vibrant colours will create an individual look in your fitted bathroom that will really make it stand out.

We have a large range of samples of tiles that we will bring out to show you in your home so that you can see the tiles before you make the final choice for your new fitted bathroom. Our experts can also recommend different styles of tiling that will suit the space you have and create the perfect finish.

See for yourselves. View our completed installations where you can see pictures of fitted bathrooms that we have completed, which will help you to decide on the tiles that are perfect for you.