There are many things to consider when it comes to looking for cheap bathrooms, and there’s a huge difference between something being ‘cheap’ and something that ‘is’ cheap.

The real question is,

Are you looking to have a cheap bathroom with no quality OR have a quality bathroom thats cheap?

It’s a hard decision to make and you don’t want to waste your money. It is important that you make the right decision the first time.

At Aquarius Home Improvements we are able to offer you a cheap bathroom that is full of quality, and a service that’s second to none!

When choosing a cheap bathroom, who is your best choice?

At Aquarius Home Improvements we offer great service at an affordable price.  We have been supplying and installing cheap bathrooms since November 2006!

We supply and install approximately 150 cheap bathrooms per year! As a result of us being a very successful business for over 8 years now; this means that during the 8 years of our operation, we have supplied and installed approximately 1200 cheap bathrooms and have a large amount of reviews from previously satisfied customers.

If you are looking for a cheap bathroom, then we suggest you give us a try. We are sure you’ll end up being extremely happy with the end result.

How much can you save on your cheap bathroom?

With our amazingly cheap bathrooms, we are able to offer large savings on having the work completed by a traditional showroom based company.

Sometimes we have been known to be 50% or more cheaper than our local competitor and we are generally the best option to choose even when considering separate tradesmen to complete the installation of your cheap bathroom.

What this means is that instead of going to rival companies with pushy salespeople and fancy showrooms, you can come to Aquarius Home Improvements and get a cheap bathroom. Ours will still be full of quality. We also give an amazing service.

If you come to Aquarius Home Improvements for your cheap bathroom, then you will be guaranteed to be get the highest quality materials and fittings to be used on your cheap bathroom!

We offer amazing quality, at an amazing service, for an amazing price!

What is the best decision to make for cheap bathrooms?

There are so many different choices to make when buying a cheap bathroom from Aquarius Home Improvements.

One of the most important decisions to make for your cheap bathroom is the tiles. What type of tile will you choose?

We offer a wide range of tiles each in a wide variety of different colours, sizes and styles.  The list goes on forever! Bathroom tiles are the most important item to make your bathroom look so attractive. This is because it is the first thing they admire when they come in.

If some friends are round or work colleague’s or even just family, you want them to see how attractive your cheap bathroom is. They will think that it cost a lot because of the high quality of it.

They will have no idea that it was a cheap bathroom because it doesn’t look cheap!

As you can see, Aquarius Home Improvements have so much to offer.  If you would like us to provide a free plan and design service for your cheap bathroom, then please contact us and we would be more than happy to help.