A new fitted kitchen isn’t something you’re going to want to replace too often, it’s the kind of purchase most of us make just once or twice in our lives, and so if you have invested in a new kitchen chances are you’re going to want to care for it properly. Caring for kitchen cabinets in the correct way can ensure your kitchen lasts for years and years.

Cleaning and caring for kitchen cabinets

Cleaning is an important part of caring for kitchen cabinets and it’s important to look after of the care guide, which should tell you what products are suitable for the surfaces. Generally, things like wire wool are not your friend and abrasive cleaners should also be avoided. Most cabinet makers suggest low soap, warm water cleaners and not to let moisture build up on any surfaces.

Glass surfaces should also be cared for carefully, and white vinegar solutions are a great natural way to clean in a non-abrasive way. Any scratches in your kitchen will become more evident over time, not to mention the fact that they are a trap for germs.

It’s not just the outside either, the insides of your cupboards will also need a regular gentle clean, but lining cupboards and drawers with shelf liners, or even just parchment can prevent long term stain build up.

Material Care of your newly fitted kitchen

As well as cleaning, you’ll want to care for your kitchen cabinets in your new fitted kitchen and make sure you keep the materials in tip top condition and how you do this will depend on the surface.

Wooden surfaces require regular oiling, but simple care in use makes all the difference. The most important way to care for your wood kitchen is never to leave standing water on it, and this is at least easier with cabinets than surfaces.

Laminated cupboards are probably the very easiest to care for and require no more than a regular wash down with soapy water. They can however hold stains, and a little baking soda and water is usually enough to draw out a stain. However, if you have high gloss cupboards, remember that even baking soda is too abrasive!

Stainless Steel cupboards are considered simple, easy care but you must always remember some vital tips, such as always wiping in the direction of the grain and avoiding abrasive cleaners.

As you can see, most of the care and requirements for keeping your kitchen in tip top condition are practical and common sense, and staying on top of it is definitely the key. Wiping up marks and stains as they occur, staying on top of cleaning and keeping the room well ventilated are the best ways to ensure you always keep your kitchen cabinets in tip top condition!