Doing any large renovation job in your home can be a daunting prospect, just getting started there’s so much to think about, and that’s before anyone even picks up a hammer. If you’re just starting to think about budgeting a kitchen renovation then we have some expert advice for you!

There’s a lot to think about and breaking it down into steps and processes can really make the entire kitchen renovation project a lot more manageable. Here are our top 5 things you’ll be Glad you knew when it comes to budgeting a kitchen renovation.

Price Up Generously

Make a list, check it twice! There’s just so much to think about when you’re pricing up your new kitchen and you’ll want to make sure you haven’t missed a single thing. The biggest cost is going to be the actual kitchen, but if you buy this as a package, then you get a one cost deal. At Aquarius we do fully fitted kitchen packages from under £10,000, but you still need to price in your accessories and any unforeseen hiccups along the way.

Whatever you end up with as your final fitted kitchen budget total, add 20% to make sure you have enough for any unforeseen dramas, costs, or eventualities along the way. When you know how much you want to spend, the rest becomes much easier.

Cost in the Experts

Labour can be a large part of any big kitchen renovation and as such it can be tempting to cut corners, but it’s really not worth it. Speak to the experts before you do anything, give us a call and see exactly what your kitchen remodel will cost, it might be less than you think!

If at step one you’ve realised that you can’t afford a whole new fitted kitchen, then talk to us about kitchen makeovers to brighten up your space with new doors and features, without breaking the bank.

Improve or Invest

Why are you making your kitchen over? Do you want to improve the space for yourself, or invest in the property for the future? Deciding this can help with what you prioritise in your new kitchen. If you’re just looking to spruce up to invest in the property or because you are selling, there are lots of budgets options that can give your home a clean feel to sell. If you’re sticking around you might want a better quality kitchen you can ensure lasts years and years.

Don’t Cut Corners

Whatever your budget is, when budgeting a kitchen renovation rule number 1 is don’t cut corners. By sticking with the best you can afford within your budget you can ensure you have a quality kitchen without ending up dissatisfied on style or quality. If you can only afford a partial remodel, then stick with that and save for improvements.

Stick to your Budget

It sounds easy really doesn’t it? The first step was finding your budget, but sticking to it until the final day is just as important! It can be tempting to go over, as you think of things along the way but you really must be careful not to get carried away.