There isn’t much that lets a house down like a grubby old bathroom in need of modernisation. You’ve perfected the entire house, made it beautiful, decorated and accessorised and having guests over is an absolute pleasure, but then they ask if they can use the bathroom and you’re filled with shameful dread. Mouldy grout, cracked surface and worn out fittings can bring even the cleanest bathroom down, and so it might now be time to think about a brand new fitted bathroom and beautiful baths are one of the things to consider.

First and foremost you need to decide what you want, a bathroom or a shower room / wetroom and in this day and age, a beautifully appointed bathroom needs beautiful baths to give the appearance of successful opulence.

Well fitted, well chosen beautiful baths change the bathroom from a functional appendage into a room of relaxation and luxuriant pampering, but with so many styles to choose from it can be difficult to decide.

Beautiful Baths – what are your options?

Here are some of the most popular styles of beautiful baths to help you decide which best fits into the space you have.

  • Single Ended Baths – Single ended baths do of course have two ends, the water would leak out otherwise. They are called single ended because you can only use one end as a backrest, the other end will house the taps. This is the most popular type of standard bath and is perfect for those who don’t want to mess around too much with the plumbing.
  • Double Ended Baths – Considered the height of opulence is the double ended bath, with the taps in the middle allowing two people to bathe at once. Although double ended baths aren’t always any bigger than single ended ones, they do give the illusion of space and the appearance of luxury.
  • P or L-Shaped Showerbaths – Baths designed to be wider on one end, creating either an L or P shape, or fitted into one corner are perfect for those who have a shower over the bath, giving more standing room at one end. They also offer wider sitting room at one end, and are narrower where your legs lie, using less water and offering more space in the bathroom.
  • Freestanding Bath Tubs – Freestanding tubs are the crème de la crème of fitted bathrooms, but you’ll need the space. Called freestanding because they have feet and can stand anywhere in the bathroom, these baths say opulence and space, but there are various designs to choose from. The slipper style offers more support for your back as you bathe, while the boat bath is raised on both ends. The roll top with feet is the most traditional style of freestanding bath tub, but there are lots of modern alternatives for your brand new fitted bathroom too!

As you can see there’s a lot to think about, and as you are going to have to live with your brand new fitted bathroom for a long time to come, it’s worth taking the time to make good decisions before you start! If all of this is a little overwhelming, don’t worry as one of our team can help with you lots of good advice when you book an appointment.