If you’re thinking about doing any home improvements it’s always best to consult the experts, but if you’re taking on something as big as a brand new fitted bathroom then you really do need to seek expert counsel to get the best out of the finished job. Remodelling your home is exciting and creative, but how can you ensure you have chosen the very best design and avoid common bathroom design mistakes?

Well, the best thing to do is speak with us and let us talk you through your new design and fit your new bathroom for you, but while thinking about what you’d like it doesn’t hurt to take a few design tips too, to ensure you can avoid bathroom common mistakes.

Avoiding Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

Sticking with what you have.

When planning any redesign there’s a lot to think about, and while choosing a new suite, flooring and tiles, it’s easy to forget about the actual bathroom design. For many people the reason for the redesign is that the bathroom just isn’t working for the family using it, and this won’t be improved by putting everything back in the same place! Think about how you want your brand new bathroom to flow, how you use the room, and how you’d like to use it in the future.

Light and Bright.

Bathrooms aren’t always know for being light and airy, and lighting is something often overlooked when a bathroom redesign is taking place. If you have a window, make the most of it, don’t block it off with a shower curtain, and while you may want some window coverings, try and make sure plenty of light can get in. If you don’t have great lighting then adding great artificial lighting is essential. Extra lights over mirrors and around the bathroom can make all the difference, and ensure your bathroom is perfectly equipped to deal with the morning routine.

The Illusion of Space.

Even in the smallest bathroom there are several things you can do to create the illusion of space. As addressed above, lighting plays a key role here, but tricks such as plain surfaces and tiles, a wet room instead of a curbed shower and the use of mirrors can ensure your bathroom feels spacious, even if it’s not.

Scrimping on the Accessories.

Bathroom suites don’t come cheap, but there’s still the tiles and flooring to think about. It can be tempting to cut corners as you get further along in the job, but you really will be sorry you did. The walls and floor are an important aspect of a fitted bathroom, beyond the aesthetic, as they ensure that the structure of the room doesn’t become damp or damaged. Ensuring you have non-porous, quality tiles and flooring is essential!

Like any job around the home, you’ll get out what you put in and the bigger the investment, in both time and materials, the better the end job is going to be. A brand new fully fitted bathroom is not something you are going to buy many times in your life, so getting it right is all the more important.