BREAKING NEWS: Bathroom Cabinets Might Need To Be Lockable!

We’ve just heard some interesting news that has quite surprised us, and it may be a surprise to you too. If you’re planning a brand new fitted bathroom you might want to make sure you have lockable bathroom cabinets because research has shown that nearly half of men use their women’s bathroom products instead of their own!

We all love a bit of pamper time in the bathroom, sprucing ourselves up and making ourselves feel nice, so it’s little wonder that men also want in on the action. What is surprising is that out of 2,000 men surveyed in the UK, a whopping 44% admitted that they’d rather use their partner’s products that their own. So if you’re wondering where your sweet smelling shampoo, or your anti-aging cream has gone, now you have your answer! Your men are actually heading to the bathroom cabinets and sneaking your products instead of their own!

Men aged between 25 and 34 are the most likely culprits for taking whats not theres from bathroom cabinets, and while one reason cited is that they have run out of their own products, the most common reason is that ladies products are fancier and make more promises.

It seems the lure of cosmetics advertising that women have succumbed to for years is finally affecting men too, as they want to try out the anti-aging creams, the full body shampoos and the fancy conditioners.

This survey might cover men only, but in my experience I’d like all teenage daughters questioned too!

If the borrowing of expensive products by teenagers was tallied up throughout the year, it would probably pay for an en suite bathroom and it’s a pretty good argument for having one fitted too!

Now where is my full shine, full body shampoo this time?

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about some home renovations and changes, separate fitted bathrooms, or a lockable cabinet to sneak your products away and keep them safe! These men cannot be trusted and it seems that everything from shampoo to moisturising cream is at risk!

In all seriousness if you would prefer your own bathroom space then you’re in the right place as if you talk to our team, we can give you all the advice you need on any new fitted bathroom, en suite, or shower room you’re planning. From separate bathrooms to en suites, from shower cubicles to lockable cabinets we can help and ensure your bathroom in your home is exactly designed to your needs! Whether you just want some small adjustments, a brand new bathroom, or a new bathroom conversion, we can help and as we’re a family run business we understand the needs in any growing family.

Reducing the tensions in your home caused by little (if amusing) problems such as this one can give you a more relaxed atmosphere in your home, unless of course the anti-aging cream is working for him and you want to buy him his own!