Fitted Kitchens are quite unique items to buy, with many factors to consider and with no two kitchens ever being alike. However, one thing that all fitted kitchen customers seem to agree is that the quality and durability of their new installation is of paramount importance. Therefore, paying attention to detail when choosing a fitted kitchen should be high on your list of priorities.

When you first start thinking about buying a new fitted kitchen your mind can often become focused on styles, colours, gadgets and appliances. But what about the build quality and what about the materials used to make the units? Again, have you thought about the types of construction involved or the finishings? This is where trusted, independent fitted kitchen installers like Aquarius Home Improvements come in. We understand that supplying goods of the highest quality is key to a perfect installation, which is why we’re going to share some of the attention to detail we look for when choosing a fitted kitchen for you.

Materials Used In The Construction Of Fitted Kitchens

It goes without saying that the number one consideration when aiming for high quality – no matter what you are making or installing – is materials. To the untrained eye, one material may seem the same as another but to experienced fitted kitchen installers, there are many tell tale signs that will indicate if a cupboard or unit will stand the test of time. Everything should be checked from the density of boards used and the thickness of any laminates all the way through to the methods used to craft the boards and even the adhesives used to bond them. These are all important details that need to be considered when choosing a new kitchen.

Things You Don’t See When Choosing A Fitted Kitchen

Equally as important as the materials and finishes used to make your new fitted kitchen beautiful are the things you don’t see. The behind the scenes bits that form the foundations for your kitchen. These again may not seem important when you are choosing your new room but they are the things that will ensure your kitchen is a valued addition to your home and not a disappointing inconvenience within a few years. Take the feet for example. These are normally hidden away behind the unit fascias, so are often considered to be unimportant but there are many levels of quality available and, as these feet are holding up your entire kitchen, it’s a factor that should be included for sure. Other seemingly unimportant things to look out for that you won’t see but you will appreciate the benefit of include hinges, soft close pistons, backing plates and wall brackets, to name but a few.

Things You DO See When Choosing A Fitted Kitchen

A final collection of factors to think about when choosing a new fitted kitchen should be the things that you do see – the finishing touches that turn acceptable into exceptional. The quality of these finishing touches are the things that make your friends, family and neighbours go ‘Wow!’ in awe. But once again, to the untrained eye these finishing touches come in varying qualities. Just things as simple as the finishing methods used to create your stunning kitchen unit doors can be of huge importance. Will the doors be foil wrapped or laminated? Will they keep moisture out? What about the edging used to give that clean, crisp look to your tops and units? This too comes in a huge array of qualities, from paper-thin budget edging to high quality 1mm and 2mm professional edging.

As you can see, there is much, much more to think about when choosing a fitted kitchen than just the colours and how much space there will be for breakfast cereals. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the little details when deciding which kitchen is right for you.