So you’ve chosen your new fitted bathroom, and the suite is decided on. No doubt you’re incredibly excited to see the new room finished, and whether it’s a conversion or a bathroom renovation, the new space is going to improve your home greatly. Once it’s fitted it’s time to use the bathroom, and some bathroom extras, accessories and upgrades added now can make your new fitted bathroom your favourite room in the entire house!

Bathroom Extras: Our Choice

Here we have 5 of what we consider to be the ultimate bathroom extras, to make your bathroom perfect, stylish, usable and practical.

5. An Illuminated Mirror

At number 5 in our top bathroom extras and finishing touches for your brand new bathroom is an illuminated bathroom mirror. There’s nothing worse than not having decent light to pluck stray eyebrows, apply make up, or shave and an illuminated mirror is going to complete your bathroom perfectly.

4. Lockable Cabinet

This one is particularly important if you have children. If you have young children live in or visit your home, it’s virtually essential to have at least one lockable cabinet and the bathroom is the perfect place for it. Chat to our bathroom fitters about incorporating one lockable cabinet into your bathroom, you won’t regret it.

3. Extra Hooks and Rails

Incorporating sturdy hooks and extra rails into any bathroom design is essential, and if you do it with the bathroom fitting you can get stylish fittings that work with your new bathroom and are permanent. Permanent hooks and rails that match your new bathroom will give a much nicer overall feel than any extra ones added afterwards.

2. Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is less an accessory than a fitting, but it’s often overlooked when planning a new bathroom. While you’re having your new bathroom fitted it’s easy to overlook the poor lighting but improving that while you improve your bathroom will make all the difference to your life. The bathroom is one place in the home where proper lighting is important, you won’t regret it!

1. Heated Towel Rail

And number 1, the luxury, fancy item we consider the best accessory to any new bathroom is to eschew the radiator for a heated towel rail. Always having a warm towel to step into is the luxury of kings, and this is one addition to your new bathroom you won’t regret! There are some stunning heated towel rails on the market in a variety of designs to fit your bathroom perfectly, and a brand new bathroom with the same old radiator isn’t going to give you the same brand new feel.

Whatever you’re hoping for from your finished bathroom, we can help you complete your vision and make your dream bathroom a reality. Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom, or building a whole new one, talk to our team who can give you all the advice you need on your brand new fitted bathroom, en suite, or shower room.