In the UK property prices have a tendency to rise and fall depending on many varying economic and market factors. However, there are certain things that can increase the value of your home regardless of overall house market prices. Home improvements are an obvious way to do this and the very best way to add value to your home is with a new fitted kitchen. Whether you’re moving home, looking to refinance or you simply want to add value to your investment, the best place to start is the kitchen.

How We Use Our Kitchens

If we look back at homes of the Victorian era for example – certainly homes of working men – the kitchen was the primary gathering spot of the house. In fact, very often there was little more to the downstairs of these houses than a kitchen and a parlour. The latter of which was solely used for special occasions. However, over the years the average kitchen almost became exclusively used for cooking, with living rooms that were packed with TVs and three-piece suites taking centre stage. But now we’re beginning to see something of a kitchen revival, as people have started to use their kitchens as functional communal rooms once again, with the inclusion of big screen TVs and other home entertainment devices, as well as sofas and comfy chairs too. And it is this reason why so much value can currently be added to your home with a new fitted kitchen.

Correct Investment is Key with a new fitted kitchen

If you want to add the maximum value to your home, you should select a suitable budget for your new fitted kitchen and you should stick to it. This is where fixed price quotations come in. The ideal way to meet your budget requirements is to get a quote from a fitted kitchen company that offers a price that is assured to stay the same, as long as your plans don’t change.

So just how much SHOULD you invest in a new fitted kitchen if you want to get the best returns? There is no fixed figure but you can expect to increase the value of your home by around 4-5% with a new kitchen but this is just a guide. You should research your local housing market and speak with experienced fitted kitchen installers first. For arguments sake, let’s say your home is worth £200,000. In this instance you are very unlikely to get value for money by installing a £35,000 kitchen. Likewise, if your home is worth £1.5 million, a ten grand kitchen will almost certainly have a negative affect on your property value.

Choose the Right Fitted Kitchen for Your Home

Even if you carefully choose and adhere to a budget, you still need to choose the right fitted kitchen, if you want to raise the value of your home. If you have a modern city apartment, a shaker-style country kitchen may not make your home so marketable and therefore may have a negative impact on its value. However, installing a modern kitchen with all of the latest and most stylish fixtures and appliances in that same city apartment could boost its price significantly.

In short, if you want to raise the value of the home – no matter what the reason – having a new fitted kitchen is a great place to start and its something that is definitely worth considering.