If you’re doing some home renovation, or looking for a home to buy then the age of the property is of great significance. The older a house, the more likely it is to need renovation and there are some key things to look at when assessing problems with older homes!

When making renovations around the home it’s tempting to upgrade like for like but in an older home this can leave areas woefully inadequate. Here are some things to look for, and pay attention to if you’re looking at an older home to buy or renovate.

Problems with older homes, what to pay attention to?

  • Electrical Systems
  • One of the largest problems with older homes is that they’re likely to come with an old electrical system.  Even if it has been updated then a like for like update could still leave you without enough sockets and power to be practical in a modern home. If you’re thinking of doing any upgrades to an older house, think about the electrics and the need for more sockets! If the electrical system is very old then the entire house may need rewiring, at this stage you might want to consider what the perfect amount of outlets are and where you would want them.
  • Outdated Rooms
  • The kitchen and bathroom particularly show the age of a house and now is the time to think about whether you can really live with that ‘avocado’ bathroom suite. It’s not just the style and design either, old plumbing fixtures can cause problems when adding new features, and that could call for a complete overhaul. This means a brand new fitted bathroom can lead to the requirements of a brand new plumbing system and this might be something you want to consider in your budget.
  • Storage Space
  • Another problem with older homes is that they never seem to have enough storage space. Especially Victorian and Edwardian houses. This is an area to pay attention to when fitting out new rooms and a few fitted wardrobes, and in built storage throughout the home can really modernise the space and make it more appropriate for modern living.
  • Uneven Walls/ Floors
  • It’s all well and good getting a spirit level out, but if the floors and walls are out by inches, as they are in some homes you may need to tackle that issue first! Wonky walls can make the straightest fittings look all wrong, and in an older home this is more likely to be an issue.
  • Ventilation and Insulation
  • Because older houses weren’t well insulated, they didn’t need built in ventilation either, which means tackling one problem can mean creating another. Often when old houses are well insulated a lack of then ventilation can cause damp and problems, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, so ensuring you update everything is a good idea.

Old houses might be a little more work, and need a bit more consideration but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead anyway. Older homes come with a ton of character, are build properly and were built to last so as long as you appreciate the age of your home, and renovate accordingly it should be good for a long while!