We all dream of just having the entire bathroom or kitchen ripped out for a brand new shiny room, and if that just isn’t possible for you right now then you may be looking for a partial renovation, just brightening up the room and improving a few things, rather than replacing everything. The trouble is though, when you add new fittings or features, it can show the old stuff up as a bit old, and dealing with limescale and limescale build up are a big part of that.

Thankfully there are ways you can bring your old stuff up to scratch and ensure your old fittings aren’t an insult to your brand new home!

One of the biggest problems is limescale, there’s no deep cleaning it off, so how do you get rid of it?

The very best product for dealing with limescale is white vinegar!

Here is why white vinegar is best for dealing with limescale!

Natural is best!

There are so many different products on the market and they all claim to help when dealing with limescale. We still think that natural is best!

Bicarbonate of soda is great to add to it for a little abrasive action. If you have limescale on your taps, simply fill a bag with white vinegar, tie around the tap and leave for a few hours, the limescale will just wipe away when you have finished.

Natural cleaners are definitely a winner in the bathroom, and are both cheaper, and kinder than abrasive, chemical cleaners.

Dull to shine

Tiles, shower panels and bath panels can become dull over time and much of this is caused by a thin layer of limescale over everything! Mix some white vinegar with bicarb and give the whole lot a good scrub and you’ll soon bring back the shine and clear the limescale build up.


White vinegar is about the kindest bathroom product you can possibly use, and it’s not just kind on you, it’s kind on the environment, on the kids, and on your bathroom. Bicarb makes the perfect abrasive addition, and both products just wash away doing no harm to the environment.

Getting rid of the limescale is an essential job if you’re doing a partial renovation, or you’re just brightening up a tired room to decorate. Just simply painting, regrouting, scrubbing the limescale and replacing some of your bathroom accessories with new can make you feel like you have a brand new fitted bathroom, and of course all our top tips also work for the kitchen limescale too!

Whether you’re brightening up your home for your own use, or brightening it up to sell.

Getting rid of the unsightly limescale is a must!