The thing with undertaking a home renovation, whether that be a new kitchen, bathroom or entire new design, is that often you have to experience mistakes to know not to make them again. Unfortunately, taking on a major  home renovation isn’t something we’re going to do many times in our lives, and so we don’t even get to benefit much from the things we learn as we go.

This really is why you should leave any major renovation to the experts who do this every day, it really is the best way to ensure you get a professional job with a minimum number of mistakes. However, there are also some handy tips on things to avoid that you can follow, that will help a lot along the way.

Things to avoid when undertaking a home renovation

Scale and Proportion

Scale and proportion really are the hold grail of design, and it can be really difficult to imagine how something you see in a showroom, will look in your home. You see showrooms are huge, brightly lit and have high ceilings, and while that average looking sofa looks ok there, it may not work in your smaller room. This is the same for kitchens and bathrooms too, for instance if you have a tiny kitchen, a Belfast sink might not be for you!

Define the Function

Before you start renovating any room in your home, you should define the function of that room. “Dining Room”, “Sitting Room” are just names your rooms are given, sit down and actually think what that room is used for, and you might end up with a Dining Library, or an Office Kitchen, and having it plans to your needs will make all the difference.

Overdoing the Theme

So you might have a farmhouse kitchen in mind, or an aquatic themed wetroom, but a theme is just that and it should be both subtle and gentle! No one wants to feel like they’ve walked into Finding Nemo when they enter your bathroom! Less is definitely more when it comes to themes, and just a perfect touch here and there says far more than going overboard.

Let there be Light

The best design in the world won’t work if the room isn’t properly lit and single ceiling lights just don’t cut it. You can add so much mood and ambiance to your home with the right lights, and while it’s an area many people overlook, a dark room, however nice will be overlooked by many.

Mix and Match, and Match, and Match

Shops sell things in sets, this is because they make more money when you replace an entire set, or you buy everything matching. Here’s a little secret, you don’t have to buy everything in sets! Complementing but not identical items work a lot better and will give your room an evolved and eclectic look.

Hopefully our handy tips on things to avoid will give you some guidance on your home renovation, but our biggest advice?

Leave the big jobs to us!

If you would like us to come and take a look at a home renovation you are thinking of undertaking, simply contact us and we would be more than happy the help.