If you’re doing a home renovation or build, you might find the property is open a lot as workmen come in and out. However a news story this week will have you taking extra precautions when having your new kitchen fitted because a £7,000 kitchen has been stolen from a house build and they’ve taken everything, including the kitchen sink!

The police in Scotland are currently appealing for witnesses to the theft, of a brand new kitchen, still in the boxes and not even yet fitted. The theft from a new build in Castle Douglas included all aspects of the new kitchen including Porter Alabaster rigid built cabinets, pelmets, plinths and cornices, the whole fitted kitchen. Along with accessories and fitments including a new induction hob, fridge freezer, dishwasher and double oven.

The cost of the brand new kitchen and all the stolen fittings is around £7,000 and that’s quite a stolen investment for anyone, and quite a lot to be getting away with!

The theft of this fitted kitchen from a new build property is quite an audacious crime, anyone who has had a new fitted kitchen delivered will appreciate just how much work goes into the loading and unloading, so it seems unlikely that no one saw the crime. The home was uninhabited and not yet ready for owners and it seems it’s this that has made the kitchen easy to steal. Police are not even altogether sure when the theft took place as no one was at the property over the weekend between Friday November 4th and Tuesday November 8th.

While it’s an odd news story it is a reminder about security during renovations. When builders and kitchen fitters are in and out of your home and large deliveries are being made things can be left unattended and doors can be left open. A home undergoing renovations is a busy one and it’s at these times that things such as this can happen. This story is a good reminder to be conscious of home security while renovations are taking place, after all having a new kitchen delivered and then stolen is surely any homeowners worst nightmare.

In the meantime, if you live in the Castle Douglas area of Scotland you’re probably a little far from the area we cover, which is Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, but if you do want a new fitted kitchen then it’s probably best to phone the professionals and not buy a £7,000 kitchen from the bloke down the pub!