There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine streaming in to your home to show up things that are a bit tired and in need of a spruce up. Whether it’s a whole decorating mission or dusting the cobwebs, if your thinking of a spruce up for summer,  it doesn’t have to be as demanding as you might think!

Whatever your budget, you can give your home a new lease of life this summer, and here we have a guide by budget for the improvements you might want to make to brighten the place up!

Budget Brighten when you spruce up for summer

If you’re on a budget then it can be hard to find inspiration to brighten up your house but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some steps you can take to spruce up on a budget:

Deep Clean – Cleaning isn’t expensive at all and costs little more than the elbow grease and effort involved, and giving your home a really deep clean, the type you’d give it if you were moving in, can really brighten the place up.

Spruce Up For Summer With a Splash of Paint – Even if you can’t afford to completely decorate, a splash of paint or some wallpaper on a feature wall can make all the difference. In fact, just painting up some tired old furniture can give your home a new lease of life.

Mid-Range Modernisation

If you have a little more to splash out then in addition to the steps above, you might want to think about lifting your fixtures a fittings a little. Even if you can’t stretch to a new fitted kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom there are ways to brighten what you have.

Spruce Up For Summer With A Facelift – While you may not be able to stretch to a brand new fitted kitchen, putting new cupboard fronts or work surfaces in can make all the difference. Talk to our team about costing, but with fittings to suit all budgets, we can usually work to your requirements.

Brighten the White – Bathrooms soon start to look tired, and bath panels, grout and tiles can soon become dull and discoloured. Without fitting a whole new bathroom, you can brighten up by just changing a few fixtures and fittings, and our team can help you work with the space you have.

Posh Up Your Pad

If you’re looking to do major renovations then the summer is a great time to do work on your home, whatever you’re having done. A full kitchen renovation can add value and purpose to your home, and a new bathroom is a summer time treat. Whether you’re looking to go for a full scale renovation, or just brighten up one room, splashing out always pays off.

Bathroom Renovation – Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom or adding a new one, we can help see the job through from start to finish.

New Kitchen – If you’re going to be stuck without a kitchen for a couple of days while the fitters are in, then summer time is the perfect time to do so when the weather is warm and no one wants to cook anyway.

As you can see, you can work to your own budgets for your home improvements, and even with the smallest amount of cash it’s easy to spruce your home up for summer.