This April, homeowners across Britain are being encouraged to take part in the UK’s National Home Improvement Month, in a bid to inspire us to make the most of the place we call home. This simple but effective initiative is designed to offer education and empowerment to homeowners. It is hoped that owners of houses, flats, apartments, maisonettes, bedsits and all other accommodation across the UK will take part in the nationwide, month-long challenge, which focuses around a central challenge of choosing one room to improve during April.

Established in 2007, National Home Improvement Month has grown to become a wide scale initiative that has been embraced by thousands of homeowners, who have transformed one or more rooms in their home during previous events and this year will be no different. April is an ideal time of year to start making renovations and improvements; as the milder weather makes its way in, as the clocks are moved forwards and as the days become longer, but which room should you make these improvements to?

April 2017: Britain’s Home Improvement Month


Making changes in the kitchen are very often the best way to increase functionality and the aesthetics of your home, while also boosting the value of your bricks and mortar too. Having a new fitted kitchen designed and installed by a trusted and experienced home improvement company is a quick and relatively easy way to add value to your home. However, if you don’t have the budget to completely make over your kitchen, changing the cupboard doors and giving the room a new coat of paint is a cheap and effective way to bring a fresh new feel to your home during National Home Improvement Month, and this is something that you could give a try yourself.

The Loft:

According to most leading estate agents, the most valuable home improvement you can make is to have a loft conversion. Sure, not everyone has the budget to bring in a professional company to undertake such a big job – and it’s definitely not a job to be left to the cowboys – but if you have the funds (and a loft of course), creating a whole new room in your house will not only add significant value to your home, it will also be a superb way to embrace National Home Improvement Month to the fullest.

Smaller Jobs:

If you want to partake in this year’s National Home Improvement Month but you can’t afford an entire room makeover right now, perhaps you should focus on improving certain aspects of your property that will have a big impact throughout? One such trick is replacing the interior doors in your home. Installing real wood doors creates an instant freshening feel to your home with little fuss. If your doors are in good condition, you may just need to sand and varnish or paint them to revitalise your living space. You could also change some wall coverings, as professionally painted and wallpapered walls will transform any home.

April 2017 is National Home Improvement Month, so why not join homeowners up and down Britain by taking one room and giving it a well-deserved facelift?