With Summer in full swing you may be thinking about the ways you can get outside more, and using your garden or outside space as an extra room becomes a real option! Renovating your outdoor space is something best done in Springtime but if you’re a late starter then you can renovate now and take full advantage of it next summer and give yourself a garden room.

Now we all think of cutting the grass and planting some bedding plants, but some real heavy duty garden renovations can make all the difference to your family life, allowing you to spill into your outdoor space and use it as efficiently as your indoor space.

Here are some major renovations that we would recommend to make your garden as usable as possible, through the summer months and beyond and even

‘give you an extra garden room.’

A Shed / Come Summerhouse

A shed is a practicality but pop in some windows, take it up a notch in style and you have a beautiful summer house to give you an extra garden room outside and in the winter you can use it to store all your garden stuff in the way you would a shed. Furnish your summer house as luxuriously as you would any room in your house and you’ll have an outdoor space you can use for years!

Adding Bright Colours

Whether it’s your fence or your summer house, throwing in some bright colours into your garden space can turn your outdoor space into a holiday! Check Pinterest and other garden blogs for inspiration, add some brightly coloured lights or lanterns and sitting in the garden will be like taking a trip to the Med!

Built in Barbecue

While you can buy plenty of cheap barbecues everywhere at this time of year, having a built in grill in your garden can give you an outdoor kitchen in the summer months, perfect for getting out of the hot stuffy garden. And if you’re going the whole hog then why not pop a shelter in over it, to ensure the inclement British weather doesn’t spoil your plans too much.

Double doors

Having big patio doors on the back of your house makes the garden flow through from indoor to outdoor, and that’s perfect for entertaining, for bringing the outside in, and for convenience in the warm summer months. Not to mention the air you can get circulating when you throw them open.

Of course there are lots of small garden renovations you can do too to make sure the space stays perfect for you, but these big jobs can make all the difference to your outdoor space for years to come. And if you’re worrying that any of these jobs are beyond your skillset, we have a team of handymen on board that can help you with any home renovations you wish, just get in touch!