The brand everyone thinks of when they think of posh kitchens is Le Crueset, once the domain of the middle classes. Le Creuset are famous for their durable, hardwearing and heavy duty pots and pans, all made with cast iron, but while they are designed to last a lifetime, they have always been an expensive layout.

If you’re having a brand new fitted kitchen, then there’s a good chance you’ll want to update your kitchen tools and accessories at the same time! A brand new kitchen is the perfect time to update those pots and pans, scales and accessories but it’s expensive and so not something you’ll want to do quite often!

All that is changing now, as Le Crueset target the masses with a new approach, a QVC show, and many branded offers in stores such as Debenhams, and online at stores such as Amazon! While the price of other sets have risen, Le Crueset has stayed steady and is now in line with many other mid-range pan sets. While cumbersome and heavy, Le Crueset lasts a lifetime, and one investment will see you through the rest of your days.

The high end French brand has long been associated with quality, and with a relaxation on prices, and more mass market affordability, there’s no need to wish and save any more, you can stack out your new kitchen with all the best Le Crueset accessories!

Why Choose Le Crueset?

Well apart from the fact that they are about the best quality pans on the market, they really do go in any kitchen. The Le Crueset sets come in a range of colours, although traditionally terracotta you can now buy the pots in any of a range of enamel shades, making them perfect to fit into any brand new fitted kitchen!

They work especially well in farmhouse and shaker style kitchens, but the magic of them is that you can make them work anywhere. The pans are however pretty much the staple of any farmhouse, traditional or shaker style kitchen, and if you are choosing one of these options for your brand new fitted kitchen then we’d also recommend getting yourself a pan stand to go with your set, Le Crueset do specific branded wooden pan stands for their pans, and they set them off perfectly. After all, they may be more affordable, but you’ll still want to show your dream pans off!

Budget Options

Even with a more affordable outlook, Le Crueset are still a mid-range brand, and even if their dreamy casserole dishes and large pots are still out of your range, you should take a look at their new range of smaller items. These budget items come in at under £20 each, and like the pans come in a spectrum of colours to suit the taste.

Live the Dream

Let’s be honest, Le Crueset are the pans de la pans, it just doesn’t get any better, and if you’re planning an entire kitchen renovation anyway, they aren’t a large expense to cost in to your brand new fitted kitchen