A typical boiler service cost is around £50. The average boiler service cost does vary depending on certain criteria such as the make, model and age of the boiler, plus any other work that is carried out at the same time. You should also take into account that the average price is for a simple service and does not include spare parts, or where applicable, VAT.

Boiler service cost and extra works or parts required

It is advisable to get your boiler serviced regularly to make sure it’s working properly. A faulty boiler could waste you money on energy and might even start leaking poisonous carbon monoxide.

Because the gas is colourless and scentless, it’s hard to tell if one of your appliances starts leaking carbon monoxide – so you should get them serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer at least once a year.

As well as a standard boiler service cost being £50 on average, you may wish to undergo extra works at the same time.  Any of these works can add to the total boiler service cost and you should consult your engineer before commencing with them as to the actual cost, and if they are actually of any benefit to you.

Thermostatic radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves (commonly known as TRVs) sense the air temperature around them and regulate the ow of water through the radiator which they are fitted to. They do not control the boiler. They should be set at a level that gives you the room temperature you want. These settings may have to be different in each room, and you should set the TRVs to suit each room and then leave them to do their job. TRV’s can provide householders with substantial savings in the major area of energy expenditure.

Power flushing

This is something used to clear sludge from central heating system pipes, radiators and heat exchangers. These are areas where scale and corrosion can collect.

Power flushing is beneficial in the following situations:

  • Cold spots on radiators, even after bleeding
  • radiators taking a long time to warm up
  • A Noisy boiler
  • Radiators needing regular bleeding
  • Inefficient central heating system

When is the best time to have my boiler serviced?

A boiler service cost can vary at different times of the year.  Often many engineers will offer discounts at various points of the year, commonly around the summer months when people are not using their heating so often.

The most expensive time for a boiler service will undoubtably be in the colder winter months.  This is the period when most boiler breakdowns will occur and due to the demand for the engineers services, the boiler service cost will increase.

It’s often a good idea to check groupon or similar deal site for a deal being offered by engineers to lower your boiler service cost, but do ensure they are gas safe registered!