Home improvements are addictive, dreaming about them, planning them, even watching other people’s, and various successful television shows have proven that to be true! The way we watch television is changing though, there’s no waiting for your once a week show any more, you can binge-watch anything you like on Netflix and there are some fantastic home improvement shows on there.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own home renovation, or you just like nosying around other people’s houses, we have the six most bingeworthy shows for you!

House Hunters International

Forget getting a new fully fitted bathroom or kitchen, the dream is just to have a new dream home, and while that isn’t possible always, you can watch other people chase their own dream homes as House Hunters goes international!

Small Space Big Style

There’s no getting around it, homes are getting smaller and as more of us live in apartments, and enjoy urban living, it can be hard to know where to put all our stuff! Well before you call us in to fit you funky hidden cupboards and fittings, watch Small Space Big Style on Netflix for some inspiration! You’ll find some nifty ideas, and when you’re inspired, give us a call and we’ll help to bring them to life.

Fixer Upper

That’s what we are, we’re your fixer uppers if you’re looking to upgrade your home with some renovations, whether that be a new bathroom, kitchen, or new design idea. We’re not quite as glamorous as the team on Fixer Upper though, and we don’t quite cover as far as Texas where the show is based.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

It’s what we all dream of isn’t it? That beautiful beachfront property where we can hear the waves lap at the porch. It’s not a plausible reality for many of us, but you can watch others chasing the dream in Beachfront Bargain Hunt, and get to eye up some fantastic properties as you go.

Extreme Homes

We can usually help with the most unusual renovation plans, and if you have an unusual home, or dream of having one, then Extreme Homes is worth a watch! Chances are you won’t have a house shaped like a UFO, but some binge-watching of Extreme Homes could leave you with some crazy dreams and ideas!

Property Virgins

If you’re a first time buyer and you’re just setting out on the adventure of owning your own home then Property Virgins is for you! Packed full of advice for real estate amateurs, it’s the first step in a stressful process, and this show presents it in a pretty watchable way!

And while you’re enjoying the home improvement shows on Netflix, get in touch and we can take over the real renovations. Get inspired, then call us and we’ll come in and help design your new bathroom, kitchen, brand new shower room, or family kitchen and dining area. Whatever you want from your space, and whatever fantastic ideas you pick up from the shows, we’ll try to bring to life!