We specialise in fitted kitchens and bathrooms, renovations and the major jobs around the home but how you care for your fittings can affect how long they last and how well they weather. Modern cleaning products can be harsh, both on your hands and your surfaces so as we move into the summer months when big cleaning jobs are a must, we have some handy cleaning hacks that are kind on you and your fittings.

With a little help from nature, and some unexpected additions, you can cut out the chemicals in your home, use kinder more natural products when cleaning, and hopefully cut your cleaning time too!

Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Oven Cleaning

Mix a little vinegar and baking soda into a solution, coat the inside of your oven with the mixture, leaving a little while and scrub off for a beautiful sparking clean oven! This natural cleaning product cuts down on scratching, and stops you having to use the strong smelling chemical oven cleaners that have you opening all the windows.

Blind Cleaning

If you have venetian or slat blinds then they can be difficult to clean as they are the perfect dust trap. After a while this trapped dust stains the surface making your blinds look tired. Mix white vinegar and water in a 50/50 mix, pop a sock over your hand and get cleaning for the perfect finish without using any abrasive products.

Water Marks

There’s not much worse than water bloom from mugs on wooden surfaces, but if you rub in a little oil then take a hairdryer to the area, the bloom will be gone in no time without the need to buy any products at all.

Oil Stains on Fabric

Got an oil stain on the carpet or upholstered sofa? Don’t worry, but completely cover the area in baking soda, leave for a few hours and then vacuum off to remove the oil.

Cleaning hacks to make your taps sparkle

It doesn’t take much for taps to start to look a little tired and water marked, metal is the worst for picking up limescale, making it hard to get clean. Lemon breaks this up, which means you can just take half a lemon and scrub your bathroom chrome, and if you have a lot around the tap opening, push that half lemon on and leave for a few hours.

Cleaning hacks to remove Stains from Wood

If you’re cleaning the kitchen cupboards, or wooden work surfaces and you want to strip off some of the layers of grime then create a paste with oil and baking soda and while the soda will strip the stains, the oil will nourish the wood.

Make your grout sparkle with this cleaning hack

If your bathroom grouting looks a bit grubby, a mixture of baking soda and bleach will get it sparkling in no time!

We might fit your bathrooms and kitchens, but it’s up to you to make them last years and years after, and by switching to natural cleaning products this is easy to do, and a lot more economical too!