When you move into a new property, the bathroom and kitchen can often sell a new house, and whether you’re buying or renting, the bathroom and kitchen can be the reason you say yes, or no. However, while a bathroom might get you your dream home, it’s very unlikely to get you your dream date, unless of course you find a Tinder match of the same bathroom! Is there such a thing as a ‘bathroom coincidence’?

That’s what happened to Mark Kowalczyk, who saw a girl on Tinder he had never met. That doesn’t seem particularly odd. However, in her Tinder profile picture she had used a bathroom mirror selfie, as many of us do, but that bathroom was the bathroom of Mark Kowalczyk, leaving him completely confused.

How could it be possible that a girl he had never met had been in his bathroom? Well there was only one way to find out, so he took to Twitter, matched the girl and attempted to work out the puzzle.

Who knew that a whitewashed, wooden panelled bathroom could cause such a conundrum? Mark may have especially liked the bathroom when he moved into the property, but he could never have imagined where this would lead.

On Twitter lots of people threw in suggestions, funny and otherwise, and eventually Mark did get to speak to his match after a friend tagged her in the Twitter post. The girl in the bathroom turned out to be 19-year-old Jenna Zagrondniczek who created even more confusion by tweeting him a picture of her on his balcony, which meant that a girl he had never met had been in his bathroom, and on his balcony. The second tweet caused even more confusion, sending Mark into a spin.

She did eventually clear up the confusion by letting Mark know that she’d been at a recent house party at Mark’s house after being invited along by a friend. Mark hadn’t seen her on the night but she had used the bathroom in the house and couldn’t resist a quick bathroom selfie on the way out.

Mark doesn’t remember seeing Jenna, but the pair will be now meeting up for a Halloween date after matching on Tinder and going viral. Maybe if both of them looked up from their phone for a little while, they’d see that the matches are right under their noses, using their lovely bathrooms and drinking on their balconies. What a radical idea!

It also gives a whole new aspect to your entire life. For your whole life you’ve planned bathroom renovations around your own taste and requirements, but if you host dinner parties or house parties, you may have to think about your guests too. After all, who knows whose Tinder profile your brand new fitted bathroom might end up on! If you want a bathroom fit for Tinder, give us a call today and we’ll chat with you about ensuring you have the sexiest new bathroom, ever!