For some people, having a fitted bathroom is a really big undertaking.  One of the biggest issues facing most people is what they do for some long without a working bath or shower. Cue The Alfresco Shower!

We’ve been fitting bathrooms and kitchens for nearly 10 years now, and this is the first time anyone has ever made their own alfresco shower, to enable them to have a shower whenever they need one.  We have to say that this really is quite cool and it made us wonder if there are any other people out there that have done the same.

A quick google search for Alfresco Showers or Homemade Showers, brings up a whole manner of contraptions and devices people have obviously made to enable them to have a shower.  Either because they’re having work done on their house, or they live in a nice sunny climate that enables them to shower outside.

Take a browse through some of these images to see what people have come up with for Alfresco Showering!

Alfresco Showering and HomeMade Showers

We have to say, that some of these contraptions are actually really quite cool and someone has obviously taken a lot of time and effort to make these alfresco showers.

Would we make an Alfresco Shower?

Obviously it would be excellent if with every installation we undertook we installed a separate Alfresco Shower for use while the main bathroom was out of action.  In reality this probably isn’t really the best way forward.  This particular customer had access to a drive with large wooden gates for which to hide behind.  Some of the installations we undertake don’t have a drive and we’re pretty sure the neighbours wouldn’t be too happy with someone popping out at 7am in the morning for an Alfresco Shower!