All new build homes have double glazing installed as standard and there are a number of good reasons for that. In fact, the benefits of double glazed windows over their single glazed counterparts are so numerous that many people who own older homes choose to have them installed throughout.

Here are 8 top benefits of double glazing:

1. warmer in winter

It’s damn cold in the UK right now, but homeowners with double glazed windows will be feeling it a lot less than those with single glazed windows. That’s because double glazed windows can reduce heat loss by more than 50% compared to single glazed windows.

2. cooler in summer

Double glazed windows also help keep your home cooler in the summer. They do this by insulating against and trapping some of the Sun’s rays on hot summer days.

3. reduces energy consumption

Because of the massive reduction in heat loss, your winter energy bills will be significantly less with double glazed windows. This is not only good for your wallet, but it also helps the environment too.

4. increases security

Double glazed windows are more secure than single glazed ones. This is particularly true if you opt for laminated or toughened glass. Plus, double glazed windows usually have better locks on them compared to the older single glazed variety.

5. reduces condensation

Condensation can be a big problem, especially in older homes, as it encourages mould and mildew to grow. This can lead to respiratory health problems and damage to your home. The air between the two panes in double glazed windows prevents condensation by blocking moisture in colder weather.

6. reduces noise

Double glazed windows are particularly beneficial if you live by a busy road or noisy area. That’s because they can reduce outside noise by as much as 60%.

7. reduces damage to furnishings

Harmful UV rays can damage paintings, furniture, carpets and other items in your home. Double glazed windows help to block UV rays and negate the need for thermal drapes in many circumstances, preventing your furnishings from fading in sunlight.

8. increases the value of your home

Last, but certainly not least is the fact double glazed windows increase the value of your home. Many buyers like the thought of owning an older home, but drafty single glazed windows often put them off. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to recoup their investment in double glazing (and more) when selling their homes.