We hate to point out the obvious and be the bearer of bad news, but the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and pretty soon winter will be upon us once again. As if the upcoming cold days weren’t enough to be depressed about already, there is also ‘that’ list of jobs you’ve been putting off all year that needs tackling.

And while you don’t need to be a DIY expert to tackle many winter maintenance jobs yourself, don’t forget that DIY attributes to more accidents in the home than anything else. So be very careful or talk to us and get a professional in to sort it.

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Nevertheless, there are many jobs you can definitely do yourself. Here’s our professional checklist of what you should now be doing to get your home ready for winter.

Gutters and Drains

The rain is coming and if the weather in the UK is anything like it’s been the past couple of years, there’s going to be plenty of it! If you don’t want to end up with problems associated with damp, mould and water build up, you should give your drains and gutters some TLC.

That’s because drains and gutters get filled with debris, particularly in the Autumn. Mud, fallen leaves and any rubbish washed along in the rain can block your gutters and drains. If you don’t clear them now, you could have a much bigger problem when the wetter weather arrives.


It would be great if you could just put a scarf and wooly gloves on your home, but sadly this isn’t possible. But if you knew how much heat was lost through bad insulation, sorting it might be a job you’d prioritise. It’s said that by insulating your home properly, you could say £120 a year. That’s £120 seeping through your roof every 12 months. Will this be the year you make the investment on insulation and keep the costs down?

Get your Boiler Checked

There’s nothing worse in the winter months than a broken down boiler – no heating, no hot water. What’s worse is that your boiler is most likely to break down on the first day of a cold snap. After minimum usage throughout the summer, the initial strain that’s placed on your boiler can be all it takes to see it give up the ghost. By getting it serviced now, you can avoid any inconvenient break downs when the cold weather comes.

Look after the pipes

Your plumbing and gas pipes run inside and outside your home, but it’s the water pipes that can give you the most trouble in the winter months. Ensure there are no weeds or vegetation build up outside your outdoor pipes now and ensure your pipes are lagged so they don’t suffer winter freezing and end up bursting as a result.

Get Covered

A suitable home insurance plan is something every homeowner should consider. While it won’t prevent accidents from happening, it will provide a much-needed safety net when (if) they do.

While home insurance is not something we can help with, we can assist you with any DIY jobs around the home as the winter months approach.

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