Whether you’re renovating to suit your personal needs, or because you are selling your home, there’s no doubt that changes add value. So even if you’re staying put it helps to put that value into perspective with the cost of a renovation. Home renovations aren’t something we do too many times in a lifetime and so the process can be quite daunting, but if you stick to some simple guidelines you can avoid all the pitfalls that lie ahead and have a successful property renovation.

To help, we’ve added 10 tips for a successful property renovation (and hopefully a profitable one) that should help you whether you’re just sprucing up, having a new fitted kitchen, a whole new bathroom, or the works!

10 tips for a successful property renovation

Renovate and Rejuvenate

Ultimately a successful property renovation should leave your home looking brighter and fresher, and whether you’re doing a quick spruce up or a full renovation, this is something to bear in mind. The more work you put into the planning, the better the end product will be.

A Job for the Professionals

Although it’s tempting to save money by doing jobs yourself, it really is false economy in the long run. For a professional job you want a professional service, and that’s why we always recommend speaking to us for help and expertise.

Up, Up and Away

Loft conversions can add a ton of space to your home, and a ton of value too. Whether it’s an en suite master bedroom or a playroom for the kids, building up is going to improve your home endlessly.

Unforgettable Features

If you’re going for the full renovation then adding some unforgettable features can add a ton of value to your home, whether that be a full aga, or a state of the art wet room.

Remember, Taste is Personal

If you’re only renovating for yourself then splash out, go mad, add that quirky feature but there’s a good chance that this won’t add value to your home, so for the long term, think sensibly and ensure you have a space that anyone could make their own.

Big Plans

Do the maths, and check planning regulations are the two biggest bits of advice you’ll ever receive from any builder. Planning ahead is so important to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises down the road and ensures a successful property renovation from start to finish.

Proportion is everything

If you’ve added two bedrooms to your home, but you haven’t improved the bathroom or kitchen space then you may not have added too much value! Think about creating an en-suite, or extra small bathroom to accommodate the extra space you have made.

Make an Entrance

When you first walk into a home the first thing you see is the entrance hall and it can often be cluttered with the detritus of daily life. By transforming this area you make your home more organised for you, and more appealing for any potential buyer in the future too!

And finally on our top 10 tips for a successful property renovation!

Fresh and Clean

Clean, fresh paint and a ton of elbow grease is required through your entire home, to bring up to scratch the unrenovated parts, and to make the most of your new newly renovated home!