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Ann Marie Devine

Rated Aquarius Home Improvements LTD And Gave Us 10 out of 10

Date Review Given 17th Jun 2016

Installation Details

This installation was completed by
Type of Installation Wetroom Adaption

How this customer rated us

Was the Sales designer polite and courteous? 10
Was the sales designer knowledgable about the products you were choosing? 10
Did the sales designer show an interest in your improvement? 10
Were the installers polite and courteous? 10
Were the installers clean and tidy? 10
Did the installers follow good working times? 10
Overall, how would you rate the quality of the installation? 10
Were the customer care team polite and courteous? 10
Did the customer care team show knowledge and understanding? 10
Did the customer care team show ability and effectiveness? 10

Comments from the customer

Steve was a great help with making my bathroom not look or feel like a traditional disabled bathroom.

Craig and his helpers were amazing and funny.  They were very understanding towards my disability and my news.

The team were amazing.  Id like to give more than 10 out of 10 and i will be using Aquarius Home Improvement again!