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Stanford – Barclay

Rated Aquarius Home Improvements LTD And Gave Us 8.7 out of 10

Date Review Given 10th Mar 2016

Installation Details

This installation was completed by Ashley Bates John Bosworth
Type of Installation Bathroom Installation

How this customer rated us

Was the Sales designer polite and courteous? 10
Was the sales designer knowledgable about the products you were choosing? 10
Did the sales designer show an interest in your improvement? 10
Were the installers polite and courteous? 10
Were the installers clean and tidy? 10
Did the installers follow good working times? 10
Overall, how would you rate the quality of the installation? 8
Were the customer care team polite and courteous? 9
Did the customer care team show knowledge and understanding? 5
Did the customer care team show ability and effectiveness? 5

Comments from the customer

It was nice to see a woman.  On one hand we would recommend Aquarius, but i feel that the plumbing skills are a little ‘iffy’.  They didn’t react well with our flooding.


*****Added By Aquarius******

We appreciate your comments and again offer our apologies for the issue that you had with the water tank overflowing.

Unfortunately we feel this was something beyond our control due to the products being installed being specified for the combination boiler you were having installed a week after we had finished the installation.  The high cold water pressure overpowered the hot water and made this return back through the system into the header tank, therefore causing a leak.  Under normal circumstances this shouldn’t have happened but unfortunately in your instance it did, which we apologise for.

We did however come out late at night to solve the issue and rectify any damage that was caused, and will obviously remember this issue for future reference and trust you are now pleased with the finished bathroom.