This Customer Gave Us A Review Score Of 10 out of 10

Date Review Given :1st Sep 2015

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Type of Installation: Kitchen Makeover

How this customer rated us:
Was the Sales designer polite and courteous? 10
Was the sales designer knowledgable about the products you were choosing? 10
Did the sales designer show an interest in your improvement? 10
Were the installers polite and courteous? 10
Were the installers clean and tidy? 10
Did the installers follow good working times? 10
Overall, how would you rate the quality of the installation? 10
Were the customer care team polite and courteous? 10
Did the customer care team show knowledge and understanding? 10
Did the customer care team show ability and effectiveness? 10

What This Customer Said About Us

Aquarius Gave us good, sound advice, even when it wasn’t in their own interest.  The installer was a real perfectionist.

All the team showed great patience when i couldn’t decide on wall tiles!