This Customer Gave Us A Review Score Of 8 out of 10

Date Review Given :5th Dec 2021

Installation Details

This Installation Was completed By: Byron Johnson

Type of Installation: Bathroom Installation

How this customer rated us:
Was the Sales designer polite and courteous? 9
Was the sales designer knowledgable about the products you were choosing? 10
Did the sales designer show an interest in your improvement? 8
Were the installers polite and courteous? 7
Were the installers clean and tidy? 10
Did the installers follow good working times? 8
Overall, how would you rate the quality of the installation? 6
Were the customer care team polite and courteous? 7
Did the customer care team show knowledge and understanding? 7
Did the customer care team show ability and effectiveness? 8

What This Customer Said About Us

The sink wasn’t entered