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Are you thinking of selling your home? Did you know that certain times of the year are better for selling houses than others and you can maximise your chances of securing a sale by simply putting your home on the market at the right time? Most experts agree that between February and June is the best time to sell your home.

This is because it’s when there are the most buyers in the market. The increase in demand will not only boost your chances of selling, but may also help you get the best price.

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Here’s the lowdown on selling your house throughout the year:


As we’ve already mentioned, spring is the best time of year to sell your home. For a start, it’s the time when your garden is (usually) looking its best. Your flowers will be out and the fairer weather will lend itself well to people making viewing appointments.

Most potential buyers will have been waiting for winter to finish before commencing their new home searches. Furthermore, many families prefer to match their new home purchase with the end of the school year.


Many people (wrongly) believe that summer is one of the best times to sell their home. It’s not – especially if you’re trying to sell a family home. That’s because most families choose to go on their holidays over the summer when the kids are off school and so they simply aren’t in the market.


Autumn has always been a reasonably good time to sell a house. However, it still doesn’t beat the February to June period.

In autumn, providing the weather’s mild, you can attract buyers, especially as there are no major holidays to contend with. Just be sure you’re in a position to complete the deal quickly and are ready to move well ahead of Christmas. After October, potential buyers tend to go into hibernation until the spring.


Winter is the worst time of year to sell your home. The weather’s cold and the shorter days make afternoon viewings less desirable. Nobody wants to move over the Christmas period, so if you can, delay putting your home on the market until the beginning of spring.

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