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We have recently found that more customers are asking for a walk in showers. Walk in showers are becoming an increasingly popular option for customers in all kinds of situations. Whether you are a professional couple, a savvy family or you are struggling to get in to the bath, a walk-in shower could surely be the ideal solution for you.

Ditch the bath for walk in showers!

Walk-in showers are popular for lots of different people. Walk-in showers provide a modern alternative to a bath. Walk-in showers also provide a solution for people who struggle with the bath. We offer a large range of walk-in showers. We can plan and design your new bathroom to suit your needs. Walk-in showers come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

Walk-in showers are a much more cost effective in comparison to baths.

Save up to £90 per year!

According to the website, using a walk-in shower instead of a bath will save money. If a family of four replaces one bath a week with a shower, it will typically save £65 a year on gas bills alone. It will also save around £25 a year on water bills. All of this for just swapping one bath a week for a walk-in shower!

Theres room for two in a walk-in shower!

We have also seen that using a walk-in shower can be fun! One couple, according to The Mirror, decided to use their walk-in shower together to cut down on costs! Having fun and saving money is an excellent combination!

Here at Aquarius Home Improvements we offer quality walk-in showers at realistic prices.  Our walk-in shower packages start from as little as £2495. You can contact us online or call us on 0115 9441748. We are able to quote you for a new walk-in shower installation. We are also able to quote you for alternative solutions.

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Following Boris Johnson's Statement on Monday 23 March 2020, we have made the decision to temporarily close to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.


Any current installation we are undertaking will be finished where possible, but all future installations are currently postponed until the situation has become clearer.


We will still be accepting emails and telephone calls, and a skeleton crew will be working throughout to answer any queries you may have.


We will update our Facebook page, as more information becomes available but wish all our customers the very best, in this difficult and uncertain time.