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If you read our previous post, you’ll already know when the best time of year to sell your home is. But what about making any improvements before you list it on the market and sell your house?

While it might sound a little counterintuitive to spend money on improvements prior to selling your home, some projects can actually boost its value and increase your chances of getting a sale.

Before we give you our top tips, it should be pointed out that these are improvements (updates) designed to boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers – they are not maintenance jobs. It goes without saying that any obvious maintenance issues should be addressed before you consider selling your home.

Here are the best home improvements to make before you sell your house:

add mirrors

People like homes that feel bright, but adding skylights or a conservatory can be expensive. A much cheaper solution is to use mirrors. Strategically placed opposite a window, a mirror can give the impression that a room is much bigger and brighter than it actually is.

makeover your kitchen

A clean and hygienic-looking kitchen is a definite plus point for potential buyers. Make sure floors, tiles and worktops are spotless and replace any cupboard doors that are looking worse for wear. Lighting is also important and under unit lights are easy and cost effective to install.

The bottom line is that if a potential buyer can picture themselves rustling up something tasty in your kitchen, it will boost your chances of a sale.

go green

Being environmentally friendly is, quite rightly, top of many people’s agendas right now. Energy efficient appliances, LED bulbs and smart thermostats can help lower energy bills – something that potential buyers will welcome.

consider double glazing

If you live near a busy road, railway line or flight path, the outside noise can be really off-putting for potential buyers. Luckily, double-glazed windows can help drastically reduce this noise. Plus, they help keep your home warm, adding to its green appeal.

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create a blank canvas

Everyone’s tastes vary, which is why blank canvasses are particularly appealing to potential buyers. Repaint any walls that may come across as over-powering and replace any buys wallpaper with a design that’s much more neutral. Anything that makes a potential buyer’s life easier will be seen as a plus point.

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