CoronaVirus is still very much with us and as we enter another year, we wanted to keep all of our customers updated on the procedures and practices that we are undertaking to keep all our staff and customers safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Firstly, as of the Government’s latest announcement that we enter another complete UK wide lockdown (From 5th January 2021), we need to assure our customers that as a construction company, we are exempt from the UK wide lockdown and can continue working.

That doesn’t mean thing will be exactly as they were as it is highly likely that we will experience delays and disruption due to other businesses making modifications to their practices to ensure the safety and well being of their staff.

What are we doing to protect our staff and customers?

Since the start of the Pandemic, there were changes we made very quickly to ensure that we were able to safely keep working. We have detailed the list of changes that we have made below:

  • Mandatory mask wearing in all locations. That includes inside our warehouse, in the car-park, inside customers homes.
    • Staff members can remove their masks when working alone in a room, or when there are only themselves and their appointed co-worker within the vicinity.
  • Staff members are now working separate shifts to ensure we can safely keep social distancing.
    • We now operate 2 shift patterns for our staff. 7.15 – 4.30pm and 8.15 – 5.30pm.
    • This ensures a minimal number of staff at our premises at all times so we can keep social distancing guidelines
  • Staff members are working in specific teams at all times. Each installer and trainee are paired up and only work with each other
    • There are occasions where this has to be changed due to holidays / personal reasons
  • Limiting site visits by management staff and performing inspections by video / phone calls.
  • Social distancing markings placed outside our work unit.
  • Mandatory temperature checks each morning for all staff.
  • Sanitisation of company vehicles each morning before use.
  • Sanitisation of the work area before and after finishing work every day (in the customers house).
  • Extra cleaning processes during the working day at customers houses.
  • Having products we would usually fetch from suppliers delivered or collected outside.

The above list is not exhaustive, but we are doing everything we can to ensure that we are able to keep all our staff and customers safe during these uncertain times.

How can our customers help us?

In addition to the practices that we are undertaking for the safety and well-being of our staff and customers, we are requesting that our customers follow the practices below to make certain we are all kept as safe as possible:

  • Wear a mask when you are in the vicinity of our installers / staff.
  • Do not have close contact with our staff.
    • If they need to show you something in the work area, they should explain what they have done and then leave for you to view it.
    • It’s customary to greet people with a handshake / elbow pop or a multitude of other variances, we ask that you do not do this at all please.
  • Do not offer food and drink to our staff.
  • Keep yourself and family away from the workers / work area during the day time.
  • Sanitise your house when our workers have left.
  • Keep doors and windows open to allow air flow.
    • We appreciate it is winter at present so this may not always be possible / practical.
  • Let us know if ANYONE in the house is experiencing ANY symptoms whatsoever, even if you think it isn’t COVID
    • We prefer safety over anything else, so even if it’s possibly a cold or just something you ate, we’d like to know so we can all make the decision as to how we proceed and ensure that our staff are safe.
    • We want to finish your installation as much as you do, but under no circumstances are we prepared to put ourselves, or you at risk by doing so.
  • Follow Government guidelines depending on which tier you are in.
    • We know you want to show your family your new bathroom or kitchen but PLEASE, do it when we’ve been released from lockdown and are allowed to see others inside the home.
  • Be understanding that things are out of our control and we may have to move / postpone or delay your installation.
  • Be understanding that your installation may take longer than anticipated.
    • We are all having to make a lot of modifications to how we work and whilst we do everything we can to keep to timescales, the extra processes we are following mean things take longer.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our staff and customers and hope that together we can get through this.

If you need anything at all, we are always available on our usual number 0115 9441748, Facebook messenger, by email or by contacting us through the website.