Order Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets To Match Your Personal Themes

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Order Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets To Match Your Personal Themes

Your kitchen and bedroom are unique to you, there is never a clear cut ‘one size fits all’ – which is what makes the process of home improvement fun. However, finding the right bedroom and kitchen cabinets can be difficult, which is why bespoke kitchen cabinets are a fantastic option and is one of the many services we can provide you with at Aquarius Home Improvements.

Read on for more details about your bespoke kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets

There are many purposes for kitchen cabinets, from storing food and drink to storing your cooking utensils, plates and other kitchenware.

Whatever you want your kitchen cabinets, you’ll want them to fit in with your existing kitchen, match your colour scheme and for them to make the most of the space that’s available.  You’ll be surprised at what you can do with kitchen cabinets, from narrow spice and bottle storage to cool corner cabinets, that could make all the difference to the look and function of your kitchen.

Rather than settling for what furniture stores have to offer, consider a bespoke kitchen cabinet option to help you get the exact kitchen that you want.

Bedroom Cabinets

Bedrooms pose all number of storage problems, and many people complain that they have a lack of storage.  Many chain stores which sell bedroom cabinets offer little in terms of variance or style, which isn’t ideal if you have something specific in mind.  Whether your bedroom has a distinctive shape or you’re looking for specific storage solutions, especially if they’re needed for multiple people, then customised bedroom cabinets are ideal for you. From cabinets with drawers to those built into wardrobes or even those with rails, a customised cabinet provides you with multiple solutions depending on your needs.

Why Choose Customised Bedroom and Kitchen Cabinets Over Store Bought Solutions?

If you shop at Wickes, B&Q, Ikea or similar stores, you’ll find that you’re presented with limited options for customisation.  Whilst they can provide you with a ‘design’ for your kitchen, they will tend to use the best suited products to your kitchen, rather than designing those especially for it. Aquarius Home Improvements provides a fantastic kitchen design and fitting service, Our cabinet makers use the latest CNC technology and offer the best service possible to custom design your bespoke kitchen cabinets and to provide the best products for your home.

Using Our Bedroom and Kitchen Cabinet Design and Installation Services

As a business which specialises in fitting bespoke kitchens and bedrooms, we understand that each home is different.  With years of experience in this area, we can provide a high quality service to provide the best results for your needs.

As an independent business we also have excellent relationships with our suppliers, being able to offer you best value and quality for your money.

For more information on the bespoke kitchen cabinets, and bespoke bedroom cabinets that we offer, please click here

If you live in and around the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire areas and are considering custom cabinet design and installation.  Get in touch with one of the team 0115 9441748 to discuss your needs or to book an appointment.

Written By: John Bosworth

John Bosworth

Having spent over 15 years in home improvements, I have developed a wide range of knowledge on all things related to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms

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